Our clients are located all over the globe. Regardless of where you live, or do business; our solutions work.

We're the boutique law firm with an international footprint. We solve complex tax and financial matters.

International Tax Law 

We solve complex tax problems for our clients all over the globe. Our clients can be found in Latin America, South Africa, Puerto Rico and Asia. We’ve helped ex-pats, private equity funds, foreign corporations, partnerships and individuals. Our services include offshore compliance & reporting via foreign offshore reporting (FATCA FinCEN 114, FBARs, SDOP, SFOP,  etc),. We often analyze and provide answers to tax implications of foreign investments and translate foreign tax treaties for our clients abroad.

United States Tax Law 

Randall & Associates represents clients in tax litigation before the U.S. Tax Court, U.S. District Courts and before the Internal Revenue Service. We offer tax opinion letters for clients who need reliable tax analysis and answers they can rely on when making investment or other important decisions. We’ve successfully submitted Offer’s In Compromise and Innocent or Injured Spouse submissions to settle client’s tax liabilities. We’ve served as counsel to larger law firms advising on the tax issues related to M&A deals.

Money Transmitter & Crypto Currency

The legal regulations related to tax and money service businesses are still playing catch-up with the crypto currency world. Randall & Associates has kept up with the most recent developments that effect crypto investors, crypto service businesses (money transmitters and crypto ATM’s). We have advised clients located all over the globe on the U.S. tax implications of their crypto investments and have set up dozens of crypto service providers in compliance with MSB or money transmitter laws.

“I am sure I speak for all of us, thank you for your professionalism in handling my tax situation with the IRS. We greatly appreciate everything you’ve done for us!